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Corporate Internal Investigations

We Have the Knowledge and Experience Your Company Needs to
Minimize Risk and Exposure to Shareholder Liability

Today’s business environment is complex, and companies are frequently the target of inquiry based upon the acts or omissions of a single employee. These situations require decisive actions to completely define the scope of the questioned conduct, the individuals involved and the preservation of all relevant evidence. Counsel must be experienced investigators who are mindful of the attorney-client privilege and sensitive to the needs of management.

Our attorneys perform audits or reviews of existing compliance programs, which have been key in mitigating the criminal penalties that companies face under the Federal Organizational Sentencing Guidelines and in minimizing exposure to shareholder liability.

Jack Arseneault and David Fassett have conducted and/or been involved with internal investigations on behalf of some of the largest corporations in the United States. This experience, coupled with their reputations, has assisted their clients in avoiding dire consequences and costly mistakes for their clients. Their understanding of the needs of management, the requirements of corporate compliance and their well-known trial skills are the perfect combination to guide a company through potentially turbulent situations.